Pride Events Attract Major Attendance Increases in 2017 as People Resist Trumpism

Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) 11th Annual LGBT Community Survey®, fielded in April/May 2017 found that 63% of LGBTQ Americans surveyed said that that they will (or already did) attend their hometown Pride, representing a 34% increase in interest and participation for 2017.Further, 84% reported that Pride events across the United States are as important as ever, and 82% indicated that they feared rollbacks of recent LGBTQ equality gains. With recent political changes and uncertainty, LGBTQ Pride events are taking on a renewed importance in 2017, and CMI anticipates record attendance this year.

Pride events are a chance to celebrate individuality, freedom and diversity." With this comes a strong message of resistance against the Trump administration and its derailment of rights and its policies that affect the LGBTQ community such as his travel ban, his promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and the spread of hate-filled rhetoric against marginalized.

Marchers carry signs that read "Black Lives Matter," "No Ban, No Wall," and "Gay Rights are Human Rights," and others raise their fists encouraging the crowd to chant along, "No Trump, No KKK, No fascist USA."

Straight allies embrace their LGBTQ friends and family and march or stand along the sidelines with smiles on their faces.

For one parade participant, Alex Azevero, 39, who walked with Latinos de Ambiente, a nonprofit San Francisco group that supports gay Latinos, it doesn't matter who is in charge or the challenges the LGBTQ community will face. Azevero believes as long as the communities stay united, they will be OK.

"It doesn't matter who's the president," he said. "There will always be change and issues to fight against, but we must always stay united. If the community stays together there is nothing [we] can't do."

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